What is billboard advertising advantages and disadvantages [2020]

One of the oldest advertising ways is billboard advertising, which is an outdoor advertising method that can be a poster or moving message. What is Billboard advertising advantages and disadvantages?

However, the uprise of online advertising methods has resulted in most people ignoring this traditional method and adopting more modern ways that are mostly based on the internet. 

This doesn’t mean that billboard ads are no longer effective. 

They can help place you in the first position of search engine rankings without you having to spend a lot of time and resources monitoring your competitors and continuously modifying your marketing methods.

Billboard Pros


What is Billboard advertising?,unlike online platforms, are accessible to everyone. Both old and young will pass by a billboard, especially when it is placed in a busy location. Anybody who passes by will notice what’s written on it and will most likely want to know more. 

All you have to do is write an attention-grabbing advert and include your contact details so that potential customers get to reach you easily. 

Make sure the message on the advert is straightforward and not confusing to the audience. Don’t limit it to a specific demographic because billboards reach a diverse range of audiences unless you only target a small demographic.

what is billboard advertising

Visual Impressions

To most people, a message that is put in the picture will have a better effect than a message that is only portrayed in the form of text. Billboards allow you to use your creativity and create visually pleasant messages. 

The result is a long-lasting memory in people’s minds, and that will work for your business. Moreover, when people start associating your brand with specific colors, they will think of your business every time they see that color somewhere else. 

This can work in getting you to word of mouth recommendations and loyal customers.

Faster Results

When you advertise using billboards, your chances of getting increased sales immediately are higher. Most people respond to billboard ads by making instant purchases.

 All you have to do is deliver high-quality products and services that will leave them satisfied, and you’ll end up with happy customers who will be able to return. 

This is one of the reasons why businesses with billboard advertising on highways report great sales. The fact that billboards target customers based on geographical location are an added advantage.

 If you mostly want to capture the local customer base, then billboards will do you more good than other modes of advertising.


Billboards are the best outdoor advertising method that allows you to entice the right type of customers. In most cases, those who are interested in buying your products will pay attention to the billboard and proceed to make the purchase. 

Other times those who aren’t very interested will also end up buying your products and services when you convince them to in your advert. 

Unlike online marketing methods and other traditional methods like TV and radio, people cannot turn off a billboard advertising. This means they have to watch it until the end because they will not leave their bikes or cars on the road to avoid watching the billboard. 

Billboards don’t have a “tune out factor” that people use when they don’t want to watch or read an advert, and that can work for you positively. This is advantage to Billboard advertising

Reduced Costs

What is Billboard advertising…

Compared to other advertising methods, billboards have a “low cost per impression.” The number of people who will see that ad is more than the amount you’ll spend on it. 

Even the most expensive billboards will give you better results and returns, and that makes investing in them worth it. 

Since billboards can also be digital, they are a good option when you’re wondering how to get to the first page of Google. The moving billboards can portray different messages depending on the time of day. 

They can also be integrated with your website such that the information available on the site shows on the billboard in real-time.

Billboard Cons

Short Exposure

Billboard ads are usually available for short durations, which means that the customers have to rely on their memories if they are not buying immediately. You will have to change your ads monthly if you want to stay on the same billboard for long.

Also, you have to rely on traffic to get people to see your ad for longer. Otherwise, they will have a glance for a few seconds as they pass the billboard.

Susceptibility To Damage

Billboards can be easily damaged by weather conditions like strong winds or storms. Such weather conditions can also affect the vision of drivers as they pass by the billboard even if the billboard remains standing. 

They can also be vandalized, leading to loss of money. However, chances of these happening are slim, and even if they do, you will have reached a large number of people.

Makes It Harder To Reach Specific People

If you’re targeting a specific group of people, then billboards will make it harder but not impossible, to reach them. For instance, if you only offer services to women within the age of 30 to 40 years, there is no guarantee that most people in that age group will see the billboard.

Limited Information Display

Billboards don’t allow you to put an expansive description of your business. You only have space for short information, and that makes it harder for you to Crete something attention-grabbing. 

However, if you work with the best company, you can still catch the attention of people by making good use of the limited space you have.

Effectiveness Of Billboards

Using billboards for outdoor advertising has a lot of advantages you can enjoy if you work with the best service provider. They have to be used under the right circumstances in the right way, and only a reputable company with enough experience in the field can help you achieve that. 

The number of people who drive daily is large, and most of them can attest to learning about some event or brand through billboard ads. This shows that this traditional advertising method is very effective and successful. 

Our company can help you get on the first page of Google by using billboard adverts even without a website or social media platform. 

We help you come up with the most creative ads that include the right keywords to give you the desired results on search engines. 

We will help you experience all the advantages above and more, as we show you that being a traditional advertising method doesn’t make billboards useless or ineffective.

what are billboards
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