Super Exclusive Deals 2020

SP Digital Consultants Online Tools

Welcome to SP Digital Consultants Exclusive deals section! 

This is a list of products we use and highly recommend. 

We use these tools to run our online businesses – We recommend.  

Behind every successful online business is a set of tools thats makes the business function 24/7.

GetResponse for #1 For Email Marketing

We at SP Digital Consultants highly recommend to control all our email marketing with Getresponse  because it’s really simple and easy to use.

From a basic auto responder to the also simple to create email flow automations.

Get Response will help you control all your email marketing plus more.

This is by far the BEST platform to use for beginners

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ClickFunnels #1 For Landing Pages & Funnels

Sales funnels are a sequence of events that make you more money. 

When create a sales funnels we highly recommend using ClickFunnels.  

ClickFunnels you are able to create lead magnets, landing pages, memberships and much more. So in a nutshell, Clickfunnels will collect somebodies emails for you and you can in turn promote your products to them.  

This is a perfect solution if you want to build an email list.

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